Call to campaign “Clean woods and fields” 2016

Ortsgemeinde Schöneberg
Call to campaign “Clean woods and fields” 2016

It is time again, following an tradition, we want clean our district.

We meet at

Saturday, 09 April 2016 at 9:30 a.m.

in the center of the village.

Hopefully, dry weather we want to do some work,
et al should 5 fruit trees are set.
For direct casting we require helpful children.

Lunch break we do about around 13:00 in the village hall.

The event to take place in any weather, since lunch
will be ordered.
Jürgen Schneider

Pizza International

How to make pizza? Pack to tear open foil away and then in the oven? That is fresh and homemade, the common dough kneading is fun and the pizza tastes “simply delicious”, the small UN Kochclub experienced last Saturday.
At the meeting in the “Dorfkrug” kitchen we saw only once to the art of making a good yeast dough: knead well with love and perseverance, waiting patiently until he has risen, and then roll out thinly and cover with a few good ingredients.

The common cooking and baking connects. When eating then you can talk about the different eating habits in Syria, entertain at Arabs and Kurds.
For the next time the Syrian young men who desired a “typical German” dish. There will be noodles with lentils.

Soccer-night tournament

On January 30, we participated with 2 teams in football night tournament of WSN. After the first round eliminated the team “UNO Schöneberg” after 3 defeats. The Wild Ones “UNO 57638” may have lost their first game with 2: 0, but then had used to the style of play in Neitersen. They played in a draw, winning their last game. In the quarter finals they faced the WSN Ultra’s against which they had no chance. A long and successful evening.

New Year’s Reception in ev. Gemeindehaus Schöneberg

Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 5.00 p.m

UNO 57638 (our new neighbors in the village) wishes all citizens of the municipality Schöneberg a good 2016 and warmly invites you to our New Year’s reception.

To meet, exchange and learn is now almost a little tradition we want to continue this year. For coffee, tea, sweet and savory snacks from Germany and Syria, we will report on the latest developments, answer questions, but also enable small insight into each other’s culture. We are creating the foundation for a successful coexistence and would be pleased if you could also result in new points. A translator will help us.


Good morning Schöneberg

This page is about the varied activities of the Action Group ‘UNO 57638’ to inform.

‘UNO57638’ (our new neighbors in the village) is a group of citizens who have made it their mission to give fled from conflict areas people a little help to live in peace and security.

For this we are partners in all aspects of daily life, which, as a matter of course appear for us who live here a long time.

If you want to invest a little of your time, just contact us.